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Water Distribution
 The City of Lincoln’s goal is to provide safe, reliable, and affordable drinking water to all its citizens. Water Distribution services include repair and replacement of valves, hydrants, and mains. Services also include a flushing program to maintain the high quality of Lincoln’s water.

For leaks, leaky meters, or other water-related issues, call Public Services at 916-434-2450 or e-mail pwengr@ci.lincoln.ca.us.

Water Quality

The City operates a conjunctive use water system which includes raw and treated surface water supplies from PCWA and operation of four City-owned municipal wells. PCWA supplies up to 17 million gallons a day (MGD) of treated wholesale surface water to the City. PCWA surface water originates in the Sierra snow pack. The City wells produce up to 7 MGD of drinking water which requires only disinfection treatment and helps to efficiently manage its water system, especially during a potential outage by PCWA and in the event of drought.

For more information, see the Annual Water Quality report under Downloads at left.
Water Conservation

Water conservation

Conserving water is of the utmost importance at this time. The City of Lincoln recommends these simple tips to help conserve water:

1. Repair all Leaks Indoor and Outdoor

     - Dripping faucets, toilets, and sprinklers

2. Analyze Sprinkler Usage

     - Try not to over-water lawns, trees, and other vegetation

3. Irrigate Only at Night

     - This will increase ground penetration and reduce evaporation

4. Improve Indoor Systems

     - Consider using tankless water heaters

5. Reduce Indoor Use

     - Shut off water while brushing teeth or shaving

     - Run dishwasher and washing machines with full loads

     - Reduce "pre-rinsing" dishes

     - Shorten showers

6. Encourage All Family Members to Conserve Water

     - Eliminate driveway or car washing 

     - Consider using public car wash businesses- many use recycled water

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